We love and live once

We love and live once so make sure its worth it …. give it all in …and just have faith and b brutally honest with your self and the other person as well .

Because what you give is what you get no matter what may come just keep on going and walking through holding hands tightly as possible.

….. love can change any thing and every thing .. and you should be ready for every aspect of you life and stick to gather through the storm

.. because we know that we will see a sunshine with a big rainbow …… and make it worth it till you end

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  1. I really like your posts. It talks about exactly what I need help with so thanks

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    1. joheena says:

      Thank i hope that you feel good


      1. Not really but keeping my head up.

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      2. joheena says:

        Just keep it going .. and have faith


  2. Beautifully described the journey… and surely very beautiful pics to gel with the writing…

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  3. Yvonne KT says:

    Love, love, love. So beautiful.

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    1. joheena says:

      Thank you for such a beautiful comment

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  4. Ravisingh says:

    super. Brilliant and splendid post! Each and every word of your post is so true.I loved this line- you should be honest with yourself and others. I think this is very important and the foundation of a trusted love.
    You have such a brilliant insight on this matter and i appreciate it.

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